Domus Sirenae

Punta Licosa

This must be the real pride of the whole Cilento coast. Punta Licosa owes its name to the siren Leucosia who, from here, threw herself into the sea because of Ulysses.

It is awonderful destination for lovers of walks along narrow paths that border the sea, the forest area covered with Mediterranean vegetation offers shaded areas to all those who, instead, prefer to trek, starting from San Marco di Castellabate to venture into this beautiful Protected Marine Reserve.

Often this is the preferred way for tourists to get to know the territory of Punta Licosa and feel an integral part of a truly special corner of the world.

For those who love, instead, boat trips and underwater activities, all is guaranteed: coves and rocky beaches accessible from the sea, allow you to spend a few hours in a real marine paradise and enjoy interesting underwater exploration.

It is important also to mention the “Concerts on the Water”: on a floating platform in front of the isle of Licosa, in July and August, two concerts are performed for the public from a boat.