Domus Sirenae



Castellabate, now famous thanks to its being the setting of a successful film, is a truly marvellous village belonging to the Club of the most beautiful villages in Italy, representing the whole of the Cilento. As was often the case in ancient times, the community of Castellabate developed around the construction of the Abbot’s Castle, confirming for over 700 years the presence of the Benedictine monks of Cava de ‘Tirreni.

Those who love to breathe an atmosphere imbued with history, events, stories and myths should just come to the B & B Domus Sirenae because this has always been a land of conquest, from which the Risorgimento, which was destined to overturn history, began.

And it is thanks to this history that today we can appreciate the walks along the roads that witnessed the Phoenician settlers, the Lombards and the Normans extend their empires as well as the struggles against the Saracen invasions.

At Domus Sirenae B & B you can choose to get involved in sea adventure by devoting yourself to the discovery of caves with fresh water springs or to reach more mystical places, where natural monuments, ruins and ancient remains have been used as places of prayer.